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Day Training

Do you have a busy life with limited time for training? Do you want to jump start your new puppy's training? Did you just adopt a new furry family member who could use some help learning basic manners? Day Training may be the right fit for you! Day training is a convenient option where I will come to your home to work with your pup to accomplish your training goals. The training will include a 30 minute session to discuss your goals before the program begins. From there I will come to work with your pup for either two or three 60 minute sessions a week for the next month. After that month, we will meet again to review what your pup has learned.

Cute Puppy
2 Sessions per week

This is perfect for learning basic manners, puppy socialization, assisting with training you are currently working on and so much more.


Eight 60 minute sessions


Happy Dog
3 Sessions per week

This package is perfect for excited jumpers, pups who pull on leash, have less than desirable house manners and so much more.

Twelve 60 minute sessions


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