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Private Training

I offer private, one on one training services that provide a custom-tailored approach for my clients. I can help you create behavior and training goals that are achievable, measurable and broken down into steps. I then guide you as you put the plan into action, coaching you to help your dog be the best version of themselves! 


This is the first step towards living a more harmonious life with your dog. We'll discuss what behaviors you would like your dog to be doing by the end of training. We will work together to lay out a plan to get there. 



After your initial assessment, let's work together to implement the training plan and fine-tune any issues you're experiencing. If new problems arise, we'll tackle those as well. 


Four Session Package

If you are looking to be consistent with your training and have support for an extended period of time this package will help you achieve that.  This package also provides you with a $25 savings!


Eight Session Package

If you are struggling with more complex behaviors or need help with behavior modification this package can get you on your way to living your best life with your dog.  This package also provides a $50 savings!


How can I help?

Behavior Problems

Puppy Socialization

Basic Manners

Sit, Down, Stay, Watch, Leave It, Come When Called and Loose Leash Walking are foundation behaviors that every dog needs. Let's make sure your dog has the basics. 

Puppies are like sponges. They are constantly learning, so we have to make sure that they are learning the right things. Few things pay off more than time invested in puppy socialization. 

Whether your dog is barking at other dogs, jumping on visitors, chewing up your house, or needing help with potty-training, I can help you both get on the right path. 

Questions about working with me? Get in touch!


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